The Man Eater - Malayalam Version

Episode 1, ‘Radio Local’ I January 2023
Podcast I 23:49 Minutes
By Dipin Augustine
In mid-2020, 23-year-old Shivakumar Madhavdas stepped into the surrounding rainforests to chop some firewood. He never returned. The reason was wild, literally, and spoke volumes about the human-wildlife conflict in these jungles.

Those Who Stay Behind

MAPPING INDIA, Bihar I January 2023
Video I 44 Minutes
By Surabhi Singh

Neelam Devi, from India's Bihar state, and her family were once unable to afford basic necessities such as oil for cooking, clothing, and even soap for personal hygiene. This dire situation forced...Read More  

The Man Eater

Episode 1, ‘Radio Local’ I January 2023
Podcast I 23:49 Minutes
By Dipin Augustine
In mid 2020, 23-year-old Shivakumar Madhavdas stepped into the surrounding rainforests to chop some firewood. He never returned. The reason was wild, literally, and spoke volumes about the human-wildlife conflict in these jungles.

Dirty Rotten Secrets

Episode 3, ‘Outvoted’ I January 2023
Podcast I 18 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural 
Chandigarh may win laurels of being one of India's cleanest cities. But step into its outskirts and another truth is revealed through foul-smelling air and a mountain of garbage in an area called Dadu Majra.

Anand Balasubramanian's Autism Story

Episode 3, ‘Extraordinary’ I December 2022
Podcast I 18 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Anand has studied immunology and knows to read, write and speak several languages. But he has chosen not to work for the last few years as the workplaces he joined weren?t empathetic to autistic people.

Love Gone Bad

Episode 2, ‘Outvoted’ I November 2022
Podcast I 27 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural 
Navya grew up in a household where she saw her mother being beaten. She too ended up in an abusive relationship but found the courage to wrangle out of it.

Rishabh Chakraborty's Autism Story

Episode 2, ‘Extraordinary’ I October 2022
Podcast I 27 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Rishabh Chakraborty always wore headphones to avoid the cacophony on Kolkata streets. Three years ago, he found out why through cues in an online comedy drama.

The Haze Lifts

Episode 1, ‘Outvoted’ I October 2022
Podcast I 23 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Emotionally-strung and experimental youth are easy baits for drug peddlers selling cheap and dangerous concoctions filtering in from failed states. A desperate mother shocked to see the...Read More  

Paromita Vohra on Writing the Film 'Khamosh Pani'

Episode 9, ‘Deconstruct’ I September 2022
Podcast I 28 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Filmmaker and writer Paromita Vohra will walk you through the experience of writing the 2003 film Khamosh Pani that spotlights violence on women during the partition and the impact on their lives...Read More  

Delhi: Through the Lens of Gender

MAPPING INDIA, Delhi I September 2022
Video I 23 Minutes
By Jyoti Jangra

Shreya went through panic attacks after being sexually harassed by men in Delhi, India?s national capital which is also known as the country?s most unsafe city for women. Her fear led her to look...Read More  

Rakshita Shekhar's Autism Story

Episode 1, ‘Extraordinary ’ I September 2022
Podcast I 20 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Rakshita was always labeled as different. At the age of 34 she was diagnosed with autism. She was thrilled!

Anirban Dutta Gupta: Films That Provide Tribal Agency

Episode 8, ‘Deconstruct’ I September 2022
Podcast I 31 Minutes
By Madhura Sen
Anirban Dutta Gupta talks about how he filmed the isolated Jarawa tribe in Andaman Islands collecting honey and hunting for pig. We have lessons to learn from their practices that also emphasize the need for tribal agency.


MAPPING INDIA, Punjab I August 2022
Video I 50 Minutes
By Surabhi Singh
It was out of curiosity that Pavitra tasted alcohol for the first time when he was at school. His adventure soon turned into drug abuse, addiction.... and even crime. The story of Pavitra, who...Read More  

Ojaswwee Sharma: Every Right Has a Gender

Episode 6, ‘Deconstruct’ I August 2022
Podcast I 20 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Transgender people face many atrocities if they choose to live a normal life attending school and College. Ojaswwee Sharma talks about a documentary he made on Dhananjay who battled prejudices...Read More  

Surabhi Yadav: Leisure is a Feminist Issue

Episode 5, ‘Deconstruct’ I July 2022
Podcast I 24 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Surabhi Yadav may be an engineer by education but it is her photography that has cast the spotlight on her. Through an Instagram page filled with pictures of women watching a movie, wearing a...Read More  

The Caste and Its Cost

MAPPING INDIA, Uttar Pradesh I June 2022
Video I 23 Minutes
By Tej Bahadur
Jaihind, Ramesh and Baburam live in Uttar Pradesh state, which reported 12,714 cases of atrocities against Dalits in 2020, the highest in India, as per the government data. The three men, from the...Read More  

A Fracture and A Truce

Episode 3, 'A Fracture and A Truce' I April 2022
Podcast I 30 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
In the late 1990s, an injured Jarawa boy from the jungles of Andaman islands was medically cared for by settlers. That interaction set off a domino of changes; both good and bad.

Just Because of My Name?

Newsreel I May 2022
Video I 14 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav, Richard Kujur
A young man laments living in a society where you are punished for no fault of yours, and just because of the religious identity your name carries. Named Mohammad Sabir, this Delhi resident...Read More  

Transforming Island Tourism

Episode 2, 'Transforming Island Tourism' I April 2022
Podcast I 30 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Can the Andaman and NIcobar islands survive mass and luxury tourism? One entrepreneur offers an alternative.

Cycling Through Tsunamis

Episode 1, 'Cycling Through Tsunamis' I April 2022
Podcast I 30 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
How a young female Nicobari cyclist is fighting odds and inspiring others to spin.

A Roll Call for Help

Episode 6, 'A Roll Call for Help' I March 2022
Podcast I 11 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Syed Azharuddin is part of the Students? Islamic Organisation or SIO. During the pandemic many college students studying out of hostels away from home were stranded by the lockdowns. The SIO...Read More  

Welfare for All

Episode 7, 'Welfare for All' I March 2022
Podcast I 13 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Indepreet Singh volunteers with the Hemkunt Foundation, a philanthropy that is run by people following the Sikh religion. During the pandemic, volunteers worked to construct makeshift clinics and...Read More  


Video I 14 MINUTES
By Jyoti Jangra
Suman (name changed) was trafficked from Kolkata city to a village in Haryana state to be married to a man. With the sex ratio of 911 females per 1000 males, as per the National Family Health...Read More  

Dinner With the Kaurs

Episode 5, ‘The Dinner Table’ I February 2022
Video I 17 Minutes 
By Harshita Rathore, Richard Kujur, Abhishek Yadav
Nirmal Kaur, a Sikh woman, was just 13 years old when she witnessed her father?s killing during an anti-Sikh massacre in 1984 after the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by...Read More  

Dinner With the Kerkettas

Episode 4, ‘The Dinner Table’ I February 2022
Video I 21 Minutes
By Harshita Rathore, Richard Kujur, Jyoti Jangra, Tej Bahadur Singh
Reena Kerketta, one of India?s 6.6 million tribal Christians, is recovering from a severe head injury she sustained after an attack in her home in the tribal-majority Khunti district in the eastern...Read More  


MAPPING INDIA, Uttarakhand I January 2022
Video I 31 Minutes
By Surabhi Singh
Lakshmi Gauniyal's day starts at dawn and she rests only after dusk. She does all the work, from preparing meals to cutting wood from trees to sowing seeds in their agricultural field and earning...Read More  

Ultimate Airbenders

Episode 3, ‘Games of Chance’ I November 2021
Podcast I 19 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran, Sayantan Banerjee
Ultimate frisbee fumigates mouldy sports norms. The mixed-gender, self-refereed sport is proving to be a game changer for underprivileged girls in fishing and tribal hamlets of India's Tamil Nadu state.

Religious About Jabs

Episode 2, ‘Keeping the Faith’ I November 2021
Podcast I 12 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Jinesh Shah heads an initiative that tirelessly works to accommodate covid vaccination camps at a Jain temple in India's westernmetropolis, Mumbai. The initiative looks beyond people's caste or religion, offering help even to the homeless. (The series has been produced with our publishing partner Religion Unplugged.)

Death Does Not Do Us Apart

Episode 1, ‘Keeping the Faith’ I November 2021
Podcast I 12 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Tanveer Ahmed is helping bury and cremate people of all religions dying from the novel coronavirus when their families cannot do so. He is one of the volunteers from Mercy Angels, a philanthropy...Read More  

Right to Education and Phones

Episode 3, ‘Keeping the Faith’ I November 2021
Podcast I 12 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran and Sayantan Banerjee
As? ?schools? in India ?take ?the? ?online? ?route? ?due to the COVID-19 pandemic,??? economically ?poor? ?children? ?without? ?smartphones? ?feel ?abandoned? ?by? ?the? ?system.? ?But Anjali...Read More  

Dinner with the Jatavs

Episode 3, ‘The Dinner Table’ I November 2021
Video I 23 Minutes
By Harshita Rathore, Richard Kujur, Jyoti Jangra
Jawahar Singh Jatav, one of the more than 160 million Dalit people in India, is still recovering from his injuries after he and his family were attacked for drinking water from a tap inside a...Read More  

Deshi Matchups: Bangladesh’s women slam dunk gender biases

Episode 2, ‘Games of Chance’ I November 2021
Podcast I 21 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee
A spirited Bangladeshi sportswomen duo shouldered the responsibility of mentoring young female basketball players. This episode navigates their hurdle-riddled path to the basketball ring where they...Read More  

Women Rise Up

Newsreel I October 2021
Video I 9 Minutes
By Surabhi Singh
Women from rural India assemble in a village in the north Indian state of Haryana to take an oath, and declare, that they will not marry, or allow other women in their families to do so, before...Read More  

The Unequal Half

MAPPING INDIA I October 2021
Video I 12 Minutes
By Mariya Rajan
A young woman, Barkha (not her real name), goes through discrimination and sexual abuse at home, which, an activist says, may serve as anecdotes about what many girls and women in the north Indian...Read More  

Why Sikkim’s Addicts are Skateboarding

Episode 1, ‘Games of Chance’ I September 2021
Podcast I 21 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee
In the hilly city of Gangtok in the eastern state of Sikkim, a local skateboarding group struggles to wriggle free from a rampant culture of drugs among the youth. This episode traces the story of...Read More  

COVID-19: A Search for the Missing

Episode 5, ‘Positive’ I August 2021
Podcast I 11 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Menson Aruldas grew up without his mother. The news of deaths surrounding the pandemic has made him pedal harder to find her. He doesn?t want to regret missing an opportunity to reconnect with her.

Dinner with the Kaws

Episode 2, ‘The Dinner Table’ I July 2021
Video I 27 Minutes
By Harshita Rathore, Ganesh Rajaraman, Abhishek
Fleeing Kashmir in 1990, as over 70,000 other families did under threat from violence by Islamist militants, the Kaw family resettled in the northern India but they still miss their ?home.? Host...Read More  

Young Lifeguards Patrol the Corona Ocean

Episode 4, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 11 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
A youth organisation transforms into a call centre to help Corona patients and their families scrambling for assistance. Anger simmers about government inadequacies.

Next Stop: India’s Villages

Episode 3, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 10 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
An unexpected death rocks a far flung tribal settlement, previously untouched by the pandemic. Regi George, a doctor running a hospital in this remote region, and his team chalk out a prescription...Read More  

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Episode 2, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 13 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Behavioural science researcher Anushka Ashok dissects roadblocks to vaccinating the world.

A Son Soaks in Grief

Episode 1, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 9 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Sayantan Banerjee, who is only 23 years old, learnt a life lesson as he soaked in the sorrows of others during his mother?s hospitalisation.

Seed Saving Farmers Struggle

Episode 4, ‘Eat Different’ I May 2021
Podcast I 34 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Seed saving is an age-old act of conserving varieties and propagating them. Members of this vanishing guild share stories of astounding and resilient varieties of grains and vegetables that are a boon in a climate-changing world.

Selfless Service

Newsreel I May 2021
Video I 14 Minutes
By Surabhi Singh, Abhishek Yadav
At the height of the COVID-19 infections and deaths in India, a Sikh group, called Hemkunt Foundation, together with young volunteers, save lives amid what is being seen as a gross neglect by the government.

Foraged Plants and Insects

Episode 3, ‘Eat Different’ I May 2021
Podcast I 33 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Forest dwellers have always known the how, why, when, what and where of foraged foods. Seasonal weeds, medicinal plants, squirmy insects form a part and parcel of their stunning and delicious food platter.

Farming to Have More Leisure

Episode 2, ‘Eat Different’ I May 2021
Podcast I 34 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Modern agricultural practices are a barrage of poison on our foods and lands. A gentle approach of tending soil, water and crops without any synthetic dressing results in food security alongside an afternoon nap.

The Dalit Non-Cookbook

Episode 1, ‘Eat Different’ I May 2021
Podcast I 23 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Dalit writers refuse to label a collection of their family recipes as a cookbook. They desist because it diminishes the truths of their sorrowful past.

Dinner with the Khans

Episode 1, ‘The Dinner Table’ I May 2021
Video I 25 Minutes
By Harshita Rathore, Surabhi Singh, Abhishek Yadav
Nearly four years after their son was lynched for being Muslim, the Khan family in the northern state of Haryana struggles to cope with the grief while fighting for justice. Host Harshita Rathore...Read More  
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