Lifeless Births

MAPPING INDIA, Madhya Pradesh I March 2023
Video I 20 Minutes
By Jyoti Jangra 
Young women Laila and Rajanti, like many other women from Madhya Pradesh state's Sahariya tribe, were able to conceive. However, what happened after the birth of their children was not in their...Read More  

Forgotten in the Landslide

MAPPING INDIA, Himachal Pradesh I February 2023
Video I 13 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav

Jhabe Ram bursts into tears as he narrates how a landslide swept away his family's house in Himachal Pradesh state, killing eight members of their joint family, including his wife and two children...Read More  

Crushed Aspirations, Academic Chaos In Bihar

MAPPING INDIA, Bihar I January 2023
Video I 17 Minutes
By Jyoti Jangra
Adarsh Kumar, a self-motivated, bright student from Bihar, aspires to pull his family out of poverty. However, he has little more than his resolve to take him closer to his dream, by serving in the...Read More  

Punjab’s Cancerous Growth

MAPPING INDIA, Punjab I September 2022
Video I 18 Minutes
By Tej Bahadur Singh

Harsimranjit Singh spent much of his youth looking after his father, who had cancer. Fazilka, where he lives, is one of the 11 districts that comprise Punjab state's "cancer belt," the Malwa...Read More  

Digging for Hope

MAPPING INDIA, Haryana I June 2022
Video I 12 Minutes 
By Jyoti Jangra

Sudhir Yadav is a farmer who lives in one of the 78 sub-districts of Haryana state where the groundwater is depleting faster than it can replenish. Yet, like other farmers, he had no option but to...Read More  

Women Suffer the Most: Rajasthan State’s Water Crisis

MAPPING INDIA, Haryana  I June 2022
Video I 10 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav, Harshita Rathore
Few kilometres from the India-Pakistan border, people in Barmer district of the western state of Rajasthan face extreme water shortage. In scorching heat, women in this desert area spend several...Read More  

Poverty Trap

MAPPING INDIA, Uttar Pradesh I May 2022
Video I 12 Minutes
By Tej Bahadur Singh
The story of Satish Kumar, a young man who lives in a small village in Uttar Pradesh state?s Chandauli district, shows how tens of millions of people in India are trapped in the cycle of poverty,...Read More  

Why Don’t Fishermen Use Life Jackets?

Ramanathapuram I April 2022
I 3 Minutes 
Fisherman M. Lakshmi Nivash asks his fellow fishermen why they are not using life jackets while fishing. What they explain goes against the notion that fishermen don?t like to use such gear. This...Read More  


MAPPING INDIA, Uttar Pradesh I Feb 2022
Video I 17 Minutes 
By Jyoti Jangra
Sheeraz Ali's eight-year-old daughter, Rahima, fell ill with a "mysterious" viral fever, which spread like a wild fire among children in Uttar Pradesh state's Firozabad district in August 2021. In...Read More  

Leopard in the Neighbourhood

Newsreel I January 2022
Video I 9 Minutes
By Richard Kujur, Jessica Goel
Sarveshwar Prasad?s family is among the very few people in his village in northern India?s Uttarakhand state who have not migrated away out of fear of leopards. These wild cats are often seen...Read More  


Episode 4, ‘Trafficked’ I January 2022
Video I 10 Minutes
By Mariya Rajan, Abhishek Yadav
Host Mariya Rajan's quick visit to three hamlets near lush green tea gardens in Siliguri city and surrounding areas reveal that at least one child has gone "missing" in each of them. Was it just a...Read More  

In the Guise of Love

Episode 3, ‘Trafficked’ I December 2021
Video I 13 Minutes
By Surabhi Singh
Shaheen (not her real name) is one of many women in West Bengal state?s Murshidabad district who believe that when men propose for marriage, they do so out of true love, not knowing that it could...Read More  

West Bengal’s Submerged Villages

Newsreel I December 2021
Video I 13 Minutes
By Jessica Goel
Millions of people in India?s West Bengal state have been facing the brunt of meandering rivers for years. Over the last decade, entire villages living on ?Charlands? ? river islands that emerge as...Read More  

Sex Trafficking in Mumbai

Episode 2, ‘Trafficked’ I November 2021
Video I 14 Minutes
By Mariya Rajan
Shama (name changed) and her underage daughter are brought from West Bengal state to Mumbai city by human traffickers with the promise of a job. Soon they find themselves in separate brothels....Read More  

Long Walk to School

Episode 3, Ruled-Out Women I September 2021
Video I 7 Minutes
By Mariya Rajan
Nikita Mehra treks for half an hour every day to reach the nearest road above her house in Almora district of the northern state of Uttarakhand, only to walk six more kilometres to attend school....Read More  

The Return of the Spotted Cat

Episode 4, ‘Will the cheetah change its spots?’ I October 2021
Podcast I 26 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran, 
Sayantan Banerjee
The first few cheetahs get captured in South Africa ahead of their Indian odyssey. Will this wildlife experiment prove to be a boon or a bane for these spotted felines?

A Passage to India

Episode 3, ‘Will the cheetah change its spots?’ I October 2021
Podcast I 27 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran, 
Sayantan Banerjee
Grasslands are the favoured habitats of cheetahs. Will the reintroduction of these speedsters revive this much-neglected ecosystem?

Land, Lions and Losses

Episode 2, ‘Will the cheetah change its spots?’ I October 2021
Podcast I 28 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran, 
Sayantan Banerjee
A sanctuary in Central India was readied for lions but the prides never arrived. In 2020, African cheetahs were proclaimed as the new tenants. Unfortunately, displaced indigenous communities bore the brunt of this dilly-dallying.

End of an Era

Episode 1, ‘Will the cheetah change its spots?’ I October 2021
Podcast I 23 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran, 
Sayantan Banerjee
Cheetahs were docile, beautiful cats that many royals in India chose to capture. This greed for game hunting predators proved to be a death knell for the spotted cats in the South-Asian country.

Lives on Fire

Newsreel I October 2021
Video I 14 Minutes
By Tej Bahadur Singh
A seven-year-old girl witnesses her mother?s death after a portion of land caves in, burying her under debris in Jharia coalfields in India's Jharkhand state, where an underground fire has been...Read More  

Trapped Away from Home

Episode 1, ‘Trafficked’ I September 2021
Video I 16 Minutes
By Harshita Rathore, Jyoti Jangra, Richard Kujur
Two underage girls from India?s eastern state of Jharkhand narrate how they were trafficked from the tribal-majority district of Gumla to the country?s city of Delhi for domestic work.

Kashmiriyat Fractured

Newsreel I September 2021
Video I 24 Minutes
By Ganesh Rajaraman, Jessica Goel, Surabhi Singh
Three decades after his brutal displacement, Rajinder Koul Premi, a Hindu from Kashmir, is still looking for answers, especially what led to the collapse of the region?s syncretic society? Will he...Read More  

Long Walk to Water

Episode 2, ‘Ruled-Out Women’ I September 2021
Video I 18 Minutes
By Mariya Rajan
Series host Mariya Rajan goes for an arduous walk on the mountains of Almora district of Uttarakhand state with a local resident, Janaki Devi, who fetches water three times a day from the nearest stream that is kilometres away.

Where’s My Loo?

Episode 1, ‘Ruled-Out Women’ I September 2021
Video I 9 Minutes
By Mariya Rajan, Abhishek Yadav
Kusum and Pinki are just two of the millions of women in rural India who do not have access to a toilet. The two live in a village in the northern state of Haryana, which according to the Indian...Read More  

Rukmini S. on Coronavirus Deaths in India

Episode 2, ‘Deconstruct’ I July 2021
Podcast I 25 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee
Data journalist Rukmini S. at unearths facts that signalled a clear spike in deaths due to the coronavirus. A mix of on-the-ground reporting and data analysis tells us what the government didn?t want us to know.

The Curious Case of Water Crisis

Newsreel I July 2021
Video I 13 Minutes
By Richard Kujur, Jessica Goel
The lives of the people from a small community in Delhi revolve around waiting for the water truck ? their only source of water ? to arrive. It?s supposed to come daily, but it doesn?t.

Mridula Chari: Why Many Indians are Still Famished?

Episode 1, ‘Deconstruct’ I July 2021
Podcast I 22 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee
Journalist Mridula Chari talks about her recently published long-form essay ?Famished?, a meticulous documentation of the hungry millions in India in

On Election Duty

Newsreel I June 2021
Video I 9 Minutes
By Tej Bahadur Singh
A tragedy strikes Mahima Gupta after her husband, Neeraj Gupta, a government employee, is sent on election duty amid a raging pandemic.

Help Never Arrived

Newsreel I May 2021
Video I 15 Minutes
By Richard Kujur, Jessica Goel
A young journalist, Rahul Suryawanshi, shares about the efforts he made to save the life of his father, Toran Singh Suryawanshi, a government school teacher who gets infected with COVID-19 after going on a vaccine-awareness duty.

What are Hospitals Hiding?

Newsreel I May 2021
Video I 10 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav, Surabhi Singh
While relatives of COVID-19 patients complain hospitals are not giving any information except the news of them passing away, doctors at the government-run Meerut Medical College in Uttar Pradesh...Read More  

Life in a Village

Newsreel I May 2021
Video I 11 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav, Surabhi Singh
The second wave of the coronavirus in India appears to be beginning to subside in cities, but the spread of COVID-19, it seems, is shifting to villages, which look even more unprepared (than cities) to deal with the crisis.
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