MAPPING INDIA, Himachal Pradesh I December 2022
Video I 18 Minutes
By Jyoti Jangra
Ravinder Kumar Mehra, a resident of Himachal Pradesh state, still feels uprooted, 50 years after his family was displaced from their land. Tens of thousands of other families also continue to pay...Read More  

Cart Puller

Episode 2, ‘Dihadi’ I December 2022
Video I 9 Minutes
By Abhinav Sharma

More than 41,000 daily-wage workers died by suicide in India in 2021, as per the government?s National Crime Records Bureau, which also showed these workers form the country?s largest group among...Read More  

Shrayana Bhattacharya: Shahrukh, Women and Economics

Episode 7, ‘Deconstruct’ I August 2022
Podcast I 20 Minutes
By Madhura Sen
Economist Shrayana Bhattacharya speaks about her book "Desperately Seeking Shahrukh" and how Shahrukh Khan transformed into a research method to understand the economic lives of women in India.

Mountains to Dust

MAPPING INDIA, Punjab  I August 2022
Video I 17 Minutes
By Jyoti Jangra
Radheshyam Shukhlawas, a farmer-turned-activist, lives in Rajasthan state?s Shukhlawas village in Kotputli district. People in his village and surrounding areas are dying one after another, as...Read More  

Till Debt Do Us Part

MAPPING INDIA, Punjab  I July 2022
Video I 19 Minutes
By Ganesh Rajaraman
Deep in debt, Gurjeet Kaur?s father lost hope, and interest, in life. Kaur?s brother, who inherited the debt, followed suit. Like Kaur, thousands of women in the agricultural state of Punjab have...Read More  


MAPPING INDIA, Delhi  I July 2022
Video I 18 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav
Munna Singh, 19, a second-generation migrant worker, is a full-time supplier of water bottles and a part-time dog walker in the slums of Govindpuri, Delhi. As he is working hard to make ends meet...Read More  

Shattered Dreams

MAPPING INDIA, Haryana  I July 2022
Video I 29 Minutes
By Surabhi Singh
Sunil Kumar, 22 and Neeraj Jangra, 24, are two of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed youth in the predominantly agricultural state of Haryana who have dreams tied to their ability to earn a...Read More  

Kamala Thiagarajan: Climate Change and the Poor.

Episode 4, ‘Deconstruct’ I July 2022
Podcast I 24 Minutes
By Chetan Ashish
In a recent British Medical Journal article, Madurai, South India-based freelance writer Kamala Thiagarajan underlines how climate change is also about our economy. Her story holds a stethoscope...Read More  

Struggles of Traditional Fishermen

Ramanathapuram I April 2022
Video I 2 Minute
Dhanushkodi is a southeast Indian coastal town abandoned during a deadly cyclone in 1964. But this ghost town awakens at dawn to the call and response songs of fishermen dragging at their fishing...Read More  

Sea Meadow Struggles

Ramanathapuram I April 2022
M. Ajith Kumar, S. Ajay Miracklin and C. Thiru Murugan are from a community which collects seaweed in the Gulf of Mannar in south India. In this video, Ajith and Ajay have recorded their friend...Read More  


Episode 1, ‘Dihadi’ I April 2022
Video I 5 Minutes
By Abhinav Sharma

As railway stations now have fairly modern infrastructure and travellers use wheel trollies, the demand for porters has gone down in recent years. COVID-19 restrictions have further brought their...Read More  

Tiding Over Polio and Pandemic

Ramanathapuram I MARCH 2022
Anthony Thina?s has fought his debilitating childhood ailment of polio with a smile. So when Thina who comes from a fishing family saw his dried fish business evaporating during the pandemic, he...Read More  

Surrogate Mothers and the Pandemic

Episode 6, ‘Positive’ I September 2021
Podcast I 13 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran
Pinky and Meena didn?t imagine that one could conceive a baby without sexual intimacy. Then the financial torment of the pandemic brought them to surrogacy. Dr. Nayana Patel, who runs the hospital...Read More  

‘D’ for Dowry

Newsreel I August 2021
Video I 10 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav, Mariya Rajan
Awadh Kishore and Draupadi Kumari, a couple from northern India?s Bundelkhand agricultural region, are not only unable to sustain their family financially but also need to arrange large sums of...Read More  

Deepak Kumar Nehra

Newsreel, June 2021
Video I 12 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav
Deepak Kumar Nehra, a farmer from the northern Haryana state, is on his way to Delhi to join the farmers? protest to express solidarity with fellow farmers speaking out against three new farm laws,...Read More  

The Curious Case of Power Cuts

Newsreel I May 2021
Video I 9 Minutes
By Richard Kujur, Jessica Goel
Despite being a power ?surplus? country, India has many parts that experience power cuts. India adds to its generating capacity every year but the effort appears to be futile.
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