Shiksha Jural

Shiksha Jural


I hail from Uttarakhand. Having been born and brought up there, nature has been a great companion to me. It has inspired me in numerous ways, but amidst the valley, my heart longed for places that were beyond my little world. I felt an intense need to step out and seek knowledge.

When I eventually stepped out, I discovered the world was brimming with polarities. I was asked to take sides, but I refrained. I missed the simplicity of the mountains, but I tried to accept the challenge and aced the art of bringing out the best of all worlds.

So now I am here, with love for my roots and reverence for my future. I plan on unravelling all the aspects of any story that comes my way. My characters would be my heroes. They'd guide me to practice mindful journalism which comes from a place of empathy.

Love Gone Bad

Episode 2, ‘Outvoted’ I November 2022
Podcast I 27 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural 
Navya grew up in a household where she saw her mother being beaten. She too ended up in an abusive relationship but found the courage to wrangle out of it.

The Haze Lifts

Episode 1, ‘Outvoted’ I October 2022
Podcast I 23 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Emotionally-strung and experimental youth are easy baits for drug peddlers selling cheap and dangerous concoctions filtering in from failed states. A desperate mother shocked to see the transformation and hallucinations of her child leans on an uncommon tool to free an addict.

Paromita Vohra on Writing the Film 'Khamosh Pani'

Episode 9, ‘Deconstruct’ I September 2022
Podcast I 28 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Filmmaker and writer Paromita Vohra will walk you through the experience of writing the 2003 film Khamosh Pani that spotlights violence on women during the partition and the impact on their lives following radicalisation in 1970s Pakistan. As we celebrate 75 years of independence and mark equal number of years of partition, this story deserves a revisit.

Ojaswwee Sharma: Every Right Has a Gender

Episode 6, ‘Deconstruct’ I August 2022
Podcast I 20 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Transgender people face many atrocities if they choose to live a normal life attending school and College. Ojaswwee Sharma talks about a documentary he made on Dhananjay who battled prejudices and attacks to fight for the empowerment of her community.

Surabhi Yadav: Leisure is a Feminist Issue

Episode 5, ‘Deconstruct’ I July 2022
Podcast I 24 Minutes
By Shiksha Jural
Surabhi Yadav may be an engineer by education but it is her photography that has cast the spotlight on her. Through an Instagram page filled with pictures of women watching a movie, wearing a beauty mask, or eating an ice cream, she throws light on a gender-biased oddity.
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