Show Notes

‘Outvoted’ is an audio series that tells stories of disempowered communities in India. So, get ready to tread into forests, jump on boats, wheel through rickety bridges and hop into tuk tuks. Through intense research, reportage, discussions and audio craft, we have tugged at stories relegated to the back burner.

We plan to head to real and virtual islands, back of the beyonds where people haven’t had a chance to picket for their rights or megaphone their voice. The idea has been to tell stories in an engaging way to captivate audiences – adults and children alike; to drive change, to heal. Sound design and on-the-ground recordings form the crux of these narratives along with heroic protagonists whose story arc will shed light on realities that statistics fail to unravel. So get ready to walk into their lands, homes, kitchens and hearts; get ready to listen and act!

Anupama Chandrasekaran

Dive Deeper Into The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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