Outvoted in the Andamans

Show Notes

‘Outvoted’ is the flagship podcast of Newsreel Asia that tracks stories of marginalised communities in India through detailed grassroots reporting and eclectic ambient sound recording.

Your ‘Outvoted’ odyssey begins with a trip to floating landmasses 1400 km from mainland India: the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Through four stories that hold the mic to protagonists in this archipelago we throw a lifebuoy at and yank to shore, sinking tales of the islands.

I traveled to Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman group of islands earlier this year as lockdowns waned and jitters about the virus flatlined. I journeyed all day to reach Middle Andamans taking a convoy through tribal reserve forests and jumping on and off a boat, to meet communities practicing sustainable tourism. I spent time with the sports-loving Nicobarese and was lucky to be part of a raucous, food-filled house-warming, family celebration. I connected with journalists, film-makers and anthropologists doing path-breaking work with the indigenous communities in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Here you will hear and see the fruits of that expedition.

Through detailed pre-reporting, discussions and audio craft, we have worked on narrating four scintillating stories that matter. These are underreported and unreported issues through the voices of people deeply affected by them.

If you have listened to the podcasts, browse through photos and videos to compare your imagination with reality. I do sincerely hope that we have managed to nudge you closer to the truth.

Anupama Chandrasekaran


See The People You Heard

Pan Into The Locations

Boat ride from Middle Strait to Baratang island
Burmese Karen forester Chimong chisels a straw
Cyclist Deborah Herold_s birthday and housewarming celebrations
Drive through Webi village
On road to Mayabunder
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